At PRO Consulting Services, Inc., we understand that when we enter into an agreement, we not only work for our client, we represent them. Our code of ethics requires that we maintain the highest standards of business principles and conduct. This commitment to our clients is without compromise. In addition, by staying well-informed in our client’s respective industry, we’re able to build a trusting alliance attributable to positive results – the recovery of delinquent accounts receivables and increased cash flow for our clients.

PRO Consulting Services, Inc. has a proven track record of being a highly qualified and motivated solutions partner, specializing in the management and recovery of commercial accounts. We offer competitive pricing, superior client services, professional customer service, and innovative IT services. We are an industry leader in the area of commercial collections, as this is our area of expertise and core business practice. Being cognizant of the inherent complexities unique to commercial accounts, our environment is conducive to dealing with these challenges, as well as facilitating every facet of the collection process.

We are most proud of the fact that our success is achieved by our ability to consistently maintain exceptional levels of performance, while remaining in compliance, as well as conducting our business in a moral, ethical, and business-like manner. Since our company’s inception, in 1992, there have been no formal complaints filed against our firm. Additionally, there have been no criminal or punitive actions taken against our company or our staff. This is truly a testament to our commitment of conducting business with professionalism and integrity.

Measuring and maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial to the longevity of our business relationships. Clients provide us with performance matrix of their expectations in terms of recovery percentages, as well as reporting and technology capabilities. Even when participating in a “Champion Challenger” opportunity, PRO Consulting Services manages to outperform all our competitors and in most cases, sets the performance benchmarks for our clients.
We’re fully confident that we possess the relevant commercial experience, training program, management team, technology, and level of professionalism to partner with your company. Let us provide you with a comprehensive, detailed demonstration of our programs, services, and capabilities.