Our information technology capabilities are what set us apart from the competition and serve as the cornerstone of our success. All of our main IT systems and programs are developed and maintained internally, giving us the autonomy and flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients, by continually enhancing our services and providing new innovations. Our Information Security Management System has been built from the ground up, with security as a priority. We maintain several regulatory certifications, including PCI DSS and ISO27001. PRO Consulting Services’ clients may rest assured that their data is safe.

Our data processing department designed and developed a user- friendly and extremely versatile web site, which provides our clients with comprehensive on-line access. Our proprietary collection software enables us to interface with our clients via any method the client wishes to use. Accounts are processed directly into our system, which has the capability of taking in the entire account history on an unlimited number of records. Account updates may be placed using the same method or via our secure web site.

Our internally developed systems and programs allow us to provide truly comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities. We can create and customize reports to satisfy any need or requirement. Reports may be provided in text or Excel format, in any frequency, whether it be weekly or monthly. Basic reports include:

  • Monthly Recap Report
  • Monthly Assignment Report
  • Remittance Report
  • Return or Withdrawn Accounts Report
  • Detailed Account Status Report
  • Stair Step Report

PRO Consulting uses PTA - Practical Threat Analysis for performing risk analysis. PTA provides a calculative threat modeling methodology and a threat risk assessment tool that assists security consultants and analysts in assessing the operational and security risks in their systems, and assists organizations in building an appropriate risk mitigation policy.